Course Records

Course Records

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Fast Pace Race course records and repeat winners.

Men’s 5k Record Holder: Max Randolph from Dallas, TX 15:15.0 Set in 2017.

Women’s 5k Record Holder: Leah Thomas from Atlanta, GA 18:11.5 set in 2011

Men’s 10k Record Holder:

  • Keith Kimmons from 33:42.0 set in 2012
  • 10k close to Record Andrew Carwood 33:42.8 set 2014

Women’s 10k Record Holder: Melissa Begin from Nashville, TN 35:59.7 set in 2011

Men’s 15k Record Holder: Reed Vaughn 57:02 set 2014

Women’s 15k Record Holder: Melissa Quinlan 1:17:15.3 set 2014

Repeat winners:

  • Mitch Novy 4-time 5k winner
  • Steve Wilcox 2-time 10k winner
  • Courtney Cooper 2-time 10k winner
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